The number of certified organic operations increased 240% since the National Organic Program (NOP) began tracking data in 2002. Today, USDA counts 17,750 certified organic farms and processing facilities in the US, up from about 7,400 in 2002. USDA also estimates that there are now close to 25,000 certified organic operators in more than 100 countries worldwide.

According to NOP Deputy Administrator Miles McEvoy, most US certified organic operations are on the West Coast, in New England, and in the upper Midwest. In 2012, there was significant growth in the number of operations in California, Iowa, and New England, and slight growth in the number of operations in the southeastern US. There were decreases in the number of operations in part of the Midwest and some Mountain states.

 Internationally, since 2010, there has also been a decrease in the number of operations in areas with equivalency agreements, including Canada and the EU, as operations in these countries no longer need dual certification.