It’s mid-April, and Spring has finally arrived in Ohio. Which opens up a plethora of new opportunities to get around without driving. Here are some adventures in grocery shopping, followed by adventures in commuting to my co-working space by bike instead of using the bus. More below via captions underneath the photos, and some key insights at the end. I’m all about the visuals this week! Enjoy!!

The Click List at Kroger — order ahead online, and pick it up via car. Especially handy with large items, or when I am strapped for time.

ZipCar to the rescue for grocery pickup: 1 hr rental = $10.
Gotta give props to Kroger — they’re embracing new ordering technology — Scan and Go, ClickList, etc… gotta compete with Amazon!
A few weeks later, I tried taking the bus to my other favorite store… wait for it…
GIANT EAGLE – Market District! The bus dropped me off only a block away, and I didn’t have to fight for a parking space!
Ok, I didn’t have a lot to purchase, but I brought my own insulated bags. Only one extra plastic bag needed, and I LOVE my collapsible wheelie cart! The whole trip only took about 2 hours, which is maybe 30 minutes longer than I would have taken if I had driven.
Did you know — that these potato chips (Kettle Brand) are processed using power from SOLAR on the facility roof? Brilliant!!

Ok the other big adventure — I rode my bike to my co-working space this morning, approximately 6.5 miles North of Downtown. Wanted to see how it compared to taking the bus… see some highlights below.

Hello trusty bicycle — haven’t used you since late last Fall.
There are awesome bike trails ALL OVER the Columbus area!
This path goes over several rivers and parallels some major surrounding highways — lots of nature, not a lot of people.
A low-head dam in the area. The current is deceptively strong… .
I LOVE the urban bike trails… you forget you live in the 13th largest city in the country.
The birds were singing, and life was GOOD!
My Co-Working Space at HAVEN COLLECTIVE… lots of female business owners, collaboration, and great COFFEE!

Key learnings for me this week — there are different ways to shop for groceries, and different ways to commute to work… the trick is to be flexible, and make the most of every day. This experiment has been better than I ever could have dreamed of so far… and even though I sometimes miss being able to just “hop in my car and drive somewhere”, so far I’m not really missing all the other costs of ownership. P.S. — I’m keeping a watchful eye on the Hyundai Kona EV. It’s not available in Ohio yet, but it could really compete with the Tesla Model 3 on price, EV range, amenities, and reliability … more to come, and thanks for reading!