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By Caroline Culler

Alesia Bock

Fun Facts about Alesia:

  • I love to travel

  • I’m a three-time marathoner
  • I recently did thru-hikes in New Zealand
    and Patagonia (southern Chile)

Alesia Bock

I have over 30 years in the Food Industry, with a degree in Food Science and background in Quality in Food Processing environments (in both manufacturing and corporate settings). I have expertise in areas of Quality Assurance, HACCP, Food Safety, GMP’s, etc. That, coupled with over 15 years in the Organic and Natural Foods arena, allows me to use my quality and food safety expertise to assess client’s supply chain and operation/processing controls, and then overlay streamlined systems to ensure and maintain Organic integrity and successful annual certifications.

  • I’m an Organic Trade Association member

  • I’m part of the Organic Policy and Advocacy Conference which takes place in Washington DC every year

  • I’m a member and supporter of the Rodale Institute

  • I am proud to call several of my close colleagues and mentors recipients of the Organic Leadership Award presented by Organic Trade at Natural Products Expo East


How Can We Help You?

Here at Agrisystem International we aim to serve you. The degree of our guidance comes down to the needs of your company.  AgriSystems goal is to foster business partnerships that are socially and environmentally responsible, with a long-term view toward establishing Organic and Sustainable business integrity throughout the entire agricultural system, from farm to consumer.